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Common questions

What do you use for your patties?

We use Beyond (soy-free, gluten free, non-GMO) and Gardein (non-GMO)

I'm gluten intolerant, what are my options?

The Nice Burger, Jalapeno Burger, Big Guy Burger, Grilled Shroom Burger, and Junior Burgers can be made gluten free when replacing the bun with a GF bun. Gluten free items are the burger patties (excluding 'chicken' and 'fish fillet'), cheese, egg, and all sauces except for teriyaki. We offer a GF bun for $2 or a lettuce wrap for $1. 'Bacon', onion rings, teriyaki sauce, and malt are NOT gluten free.

What sauces are soy free?

Ketchup, mustard, and BBQ. Other sauces use a mayo base which contains soy. 

What oil do you use to fry?

Rice bran oil, which is non-GMO and a healthier alternative to vegetable or canola oil.

What should I avoid if I'm allergic to nuts?

The vanilla soft serve ice cream has nuts which are sprinkled on top. The banana bread contain nuts also. The Beyond burger patties are pea based which is a part of the legume family, so those with severe allergies to legumes like peanuts should be cautious. The dessert items are subject to change and may contain nuts. Please inquire before ordering.

Can I order gift cards?

Yes! We have both physical gift cards and e-gift cards available to order online or in stores. Order here.

What are the nutritional and allergen information for the burgers?

We are working on updating the Nutritional and Allergen list. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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